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Social Media Ain't Dictating My Business

I rarely update this blog but I'm so fucking bored. Bored by idiocy, not humanity. So bored that discourse has become so dumb. Some people you meet online are just brilliant, they are lovely and it's why you wanna be online. Others, are just cunts. They are the lowest common denominater.

I have hit a limit with being able to be on social media. I've just stopped caring. Some people I've met I love. Some people I truly hate, and I've never hated anyone.

Social media has just become a collection of people who need validation before talent. Hatred before fact. Lies before news and desperation before honesty. Those peoples voices seem to rise higher than the ones you want to hear.

I wanna see original thought, weirdness and honesty. I don't wanna see people going viral from blatant lies.

I need to use social media for work sadly, but I'm refusing to accept or put up with the bullshit. If you dislike that please unfollow me, but when you do, tell me, at least have the balls to do that.

Il update my social media with work but that's about it.

I'm done, I believe in honesty not blatant bullshit. I won't put up with it from friends so why have I put up with it for 9 years from people I don't know?



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