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I am a freelance graphic designer and illustrator with 14 years commercial experience based in the UK. I have extensive experience in graphic design, marketing and print design, branding and logo design. I create bespoke graphic design and illustration services for brands, small businesses, marketing teams and agencies.

I offer a complete range of graphic design and branding solutions and have extensive experience in working with clients here in the UK and internationally.

I will support you through all stages of your marketing or branding strategy, utilising my knowledge and expertise to help you meet your marketing and creative needs.

I also create bespoke illustrations and murals for clients who are looking for something special or individual for their business.


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Battle Of Gheluvelt 1914

Illustrating The First World War​

I am illustrating the First World War from the Battle of Mons in 1914 to the Battle of Amiens and the Hundred Days Offensive in 1918. I will tell the story through the use of traditional pen and ink maps, landscape drawings, first hand accounts, typography and iconography to produce A4 posters for each major battle. I will be sharing some of this project through my website and social media channels however most of the project will be run through a new Patreon. I am offering full access to the project including polls on which battles I should illustrate, behind the scenes photos of my studio and monthly PDF's of my finished illustrations.

This is a passion project for me, but it is also a project I hope can ignite a fire within people that I have, which means the sacrifices of a generation of people are never forgotten.

If you would like to support this new First World War map project please visit here.

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